• S.M.D. College, Charing, Sivasagar

Brief History of the Department

The department of Education, S.M.D. College, Charing was started in 1964. With the

increase in the number of students and responding to the demand of the time the honours/

major courses in the subject was started in 1972. Since then, a number of students have been

offering Education as Honours subject. Presently the department has four full-time teachers.

The academic environment is sound and sufficient in terms of the calibre of the faculty and

the way that knowledge is transferred. All the teachers of the department are sincerely

involved in academic pursuits.

Year of establishment: Core 1964 and Major 1972.

Name of programmes

Basically, the department offers both Honours and Generic Elective courses for

undergraduates. The department also supervises the psychological practical courses for the

P.G. programme at KKHSOU, S.M.D. College, Charing. The faculty of the Department also

supervises the Project work of the M.A. in Education under KKHSOU.

Vision of the Department

The vision of the department is to impart such education which significantly enhances

each learner's capacity to act in the interests of society. Its vision also looks forward to

empowering rural youth.

Mission of the Department

o We aim to inspire engagement, critical thinking and curiosity in our learners.

o To promote economic viability as well as environmental and community health and

also prepare learners to face local and global challenges.

o To encourage students' achievement and get them ready for the competitive world.

o To impart value-oriented education.

Strength of the Department

 Montessori Day Care Centre, S.M.D. college, Charing which is run under the supervision

of the Department of Education.

 Department has a well-equipped psychological laboratory.

 Separate Departmental Library with a sufficient number of books.

 Competent faculty members. They are actively involved in research work.

 Apart from academic activity, teachers also provide psychological support to students

whenever needed.

 Proper mentoring facilities are also provided by the Department.

Opportunities of the Department

 Departmental library

 Departmental Psychological laboratory

 Flipped classroom

Weakness/ Challenges of the Department

 No separate classroom of the Department. The department has a psychological

laboratory cum Honours classroom.

 Dropout rate of the students

 Lack of well-equipped ICT-enabled classroom

 Poor internet connection.

Suggestions to overcome the Weakness/ Challenges

 Facilitate separate rooms for the Honours classroom

 Proper mentoring

Future Plan of the Department

 Digital classroom

 Increase the enrolment rate

 Upgrade Departmental Library

 Conduct National and International level Seminar, Workshop, Conference, etc.

Annual/ Semester/ Choice Based Credit System (programme wise)

The college previously offered 2+1 undergraduate courses prepared and prescribed by

Dibrugarh University. After 2+1 courses, the annual courses i.e., 1+1+1 continued till 2010,

and introduced semester system was in the year 2011. In the session 2019-20, Choice Based

Credit System (CBCS) was initiated in the college which is continued till now. Under CBCS

along with Honours and Generic Elective courses, Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC) are also

conducted by the Department.